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Quality Guarantee 


Free revisions until desired tone, word choice, and other requirements are achieved. 

Why Forchin?

Balance cost/quality with LoS

Responsive project mgmt

Consultative approach

Drilled-down relevancy

Market ready

SMEs matched to projects

Improved agility and accuracy


Strict linguist vetting

Peer review

Style guide adherence

Field-specific term mgmt

Translation memories

Improve consistency 

Accelerate project schedules

Supercharge efficiency

Save clients money over time

Reduce error rates

At Forchin, we tailor our services and pricing to meet your budget and quality expectations. Not all projects are the same as some clients only require gisting (summarizing) of important content for their legal discovery or correspondence while other projects require For-Publication quality. No matter what your requirements are, we offer customized pricing for your specific needs and budget.

Professional Translations

Services to meet your specific needs
  • Gisting: Summarizing of important information that captures important information and names of people and organizations.

  • Machine Translation (MT) and Post-Editing: Cleanup of machine-generated translations that captures the basic meaning of the source document without the cost of highly-polished tests. This level allows the client to quickly review massive amounts of source content and highlight which sections will require better-quality translation.

  • Basic Quality: Translation performed by a professional translator with appropriate expertise, followed by an in-house quality check. This level is suitable for many requirements.

  • Certificates/Licenses/Diplomas: Translation of birth certificates, marriage licenses, business licenses, diplomas, notarized statements of fact, immigration materials, and so on that fully document all stamps, seals, photos, and other content. Certificate of translation available in scanned PDF format attesting to the accuracy of the translation.

  • Publication Quality: Added quality control and linguistic polishing that includes proofreading by additional linguist before an in-house review. This process includes review by bilingual linguists independent of the original translation and often includes final review by a monolingual editor. Marketing materials, books to be published, and any other documents requiring error-free text are placed into this process.

  • Transcreation: Text adapted to the target audience with a more liberal translation that matches the original tone and intent but adjusts the messaging to meet the audience’s cultural and stylistic norms. Contact us to see if your project requires transcreation.

  • Pre-translation consulting: Let us take a look at your creation and raise any red flags if specific elements need to be changed prior to the translation/localization.

  • Writing/Content Development: You give us the topic or idea you need communicated, the general blog content you want published, general marketing intent, or any other messaging requirement and we write it up with all the pertinence you require.  

  • Post-editing only: Improve your existing translated materials with post-editing to achieve your desired quality and tone.​

Industry-specific knowledge

At Forchin, we adhere to client requirements. Whether we are applying creative styling to the message (transcreating, for literary works or marketing materials), strictly sticking to the source wordings, or even finding the Middle Way between faithful translation and creative styling, we always deliver on the particulars of the project. Our strength lies in localizing our client content to carry the desired impact for the target audience. We believe that the approach to translation determines the final product of the intended communication.​ Our professional translators undergo a strict vetting process and are periodically peer reviewed. Many of our linguists also hold advanced degrees in engineering, computer science, biotechnology, business, finance and other specialized fields, assuring the accuracy of their translations to your specific field.

Technology-enabled translation

Forchin uses translation memories (TMs) and industry and client-specific glossaries to improve consistency across documents, accelerate translation project schedules, and produce TM matches from earlier translations that can save our clients substantial amounts of money over time. (See fact sheet on “Translation Memory Technology“.) The completion of the initial translation is really just the beginning of our continued participation in finalizing our service. With our client’s feedback, we aim to facilitate all-related communications such as product inquiries, business negotiations, conference interpretations, and any ad-hoc requirements. We then prepare a book of knowledge for project debriefing and document management purposes so that we are ready to respond whenever our client wants to revisit the project. All our translations (other than pure machine translations) are performed by real people to ensure fluency.


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