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Core Team

G. Valenti, Managing Director, CN-EN Linguist

Mr. Valenti is the Managing Director of Forchin Language Solutions. He holds numerous degrees/certificates in Chinese Language and Literature, Internationals Relations (Asian Studies), Business, and Education. Before becoming the managing director at Forchin Solutions, he project managed at a major translation service provider. Giovanni has been responsible for such projects as The Tao of Yao: The Wit and Wisdom from the moving Great Wall Yao Ming, 100 Action Principles by Bill Fitz Patrick, Investment Guide in Tibet, and thousands of other projects. Mr. Valenti is also a seasoned editor and has contributed to hundreds of press and product releases, high-level speeches, magazine articles, annual reports, and corporate policies, amongst other publications. He delivers high-energy to any cultural or language training setting with his years of experience in bilingual education. Most recently, Mr. Valenti was invited to guest lecture on Chinese language and culture in the Cal State Univeristy system.

N. MENDOZA, Operational Support, Documentation Specialist/Reviewer​
Nicholas Mendoza brings his expertise in legal documentation and policy review to Forchin. Nicholas' attention to logical conformity in the finalized translation makes him a valued contributor to every high-end TEP process. Nick thrives on high-energy exchanges to deliver target texts with all the intended impact the applicant intended while ensuring no logical exclusions or stumbling expressions. Nicholas is also a seasoned corporate trainer and consultant, ready to make a path for any client desiring to equip their employees with soft skills or source products or services out of China. In terms of operational support, Nicholas adds high value to Forchin's operations and strategic planning.

A.M. THOMAS, Editing and Review

 Ms. Thomas is a seasoned editor specalizing in medical and legal review. As a medical student, A.M. Thomas adds an added layer of substantive review to medical documentation, trial reports, and bioscence-related materials. She is also a valuable contributor to editing and review process in general subject fields. Her analytical yet creative approaches ensure the proper tone, style, and professional wording for each communication.​

X. ZHANG, Senior Translator/Interpreter, EN-CN Linguist

Mr. Zhang specializes in technical translations for ICT offerings, market analysis, and product promotions. Zhang reviews and polishes translations, ensuring each last piece of logical and cultural detail is inspected while offering general improvements to technical content and logical presentation. Mr. Zhang is also a seasoned interpreter who has worked an extensive number of large-scale conferences and served as an attaché-interpreter during customer and foreign expert visits to China. Zhang collects and analyzes customer feedback on English>Chinese documentation and works closely with our native-English editors on language improvements for English documents in addition to organizing and delivering training programs.

T. Smith, Corporate Trainer, CH-EN Editing
Mr. Smith is a highly skilled corporate trainer and language instructor. He is also conversational in Chinese and has edited millions of translation tokens in the Chinese-English language pair. He designs and writes proposals for language training services according to client specifications and has been a part of many multilingual, multicultural contract negotiations and due-diligence investigations. Mr. Smith is located in China which allows Forchin to operate editing services around the clock. Smith often participates in our translation, editing, sourcing, training, and other service deliverables.

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