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Website & Landing Page Localization

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Free revisions until desired tone, word choice, and other requirements are achieved. 

Need a website or a landing page in Chinese? We can do that. At Forchin, we can help you create a Chinese language landing page that includes a welcome message for your customers and a basic summary of your products, services, and mission all on one page.

The landing page is not a complete website, it is more like a welcome message for ESL speakers that allows them to ease into your English language website and helps creates a better rapport with your Chinese customer base while also greatly improving the chances of your website appearing in web searches. There are many reasons to localize your website content rather than just provide a straight translation. Suppose your company operates exclusively in the United States or the West and now it is expanding into the China region. While your products and services might remain largely the same, certain elements denoting American nationalism (such as flags, nationalistic songs and emblems) might offend your potential customer base. Forchin adapts your presentation to a manner in which consumers are more willingly to think of your offerings as a part of the local community rather than just another "Western" company.

At Forchin, we adopt a consultative approach to ensure the right mix of content and services to yield a convincing, hyper-searchable, multilingual website or landing page. We can even help you test existing platforms and track results while also promoting the best-suited tools to the particulars of your campaign. Our project managers stay in contact throughtout the process to ensure the deliverable suits your real needs and budget expectations. We can even adapt to your workflows if you have an established in-house process. 

Our process includes: 

  • Professional translation by native-language linguists

  • Review by subject matter experts (optional)

  • Collaboration in design with highly accessible project managers

  • Content management assists and suggestions

  • Advice on site structure, hosting, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Consulting on digital content design, including graphics, tone, and layout

  • Multilingual keyword research

  • Transcreation of marketing copy for maximum appeal

  • Localization of PPC campaigns and digital advertising

  • Consulting on international social networks tactics

  • Detailed, collaborative pre-launch testing

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