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Recruitment Services

Forchin is here to help you source the bilingual or monolingual talent your organization needs to accelerate growth. We are continuously adding to our complement of recruitment, corporate training, HR compliance, consulting, form management, audit, retention, and other services to yield the advantages your organization needs to stay ahead. Find out how Forchin can accelerate your HR pipeline! Candidates click here for placement services. 

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Bilingual Talent
Chinese | English | Spanish
7 Days
Search start to onboarding
AD-Hoc Enable
MKT | Design | Plan | Mgmt Branding | Team Build | Logo

Posting Hub

Posting of job openings

to multiple channels


​​Proxy Interview 

CV filter, interview scheduling, proxy interview, strategy design

Job Description Editing 

Writing/revision of recruitment content for improved match rates

HR solutions_edited_edited.jpg

Onboarding/Exit Assists

New-hire orientation/exit interview design + assist

Employer Branding

Increase prospect willingness to move into your organization, and stay!

HR Audit/Pipeline Eval

Get an objective look at your workforce to examine if any roles are redundant 


Freelancer PRO

Design, marketing, social media, ad-hoc enablements

High-end Consult

Get the area-specific knowledge you need from seasoned experts

Project Management

Control the process and progress of all your multilingual freelance projects

Quality Guarantee

Free replcement within 30 days of start date. 

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