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Customized Tours

Interested in taking an unconventional tour around Southwest China on motorbike? Have we got a surprise for you! Get ready to bike where few Westerners have before.

Our tailored service includes bike rental, bilingual tour guide, gear fittings, trip video and photos, and everything else to throttle up your adventure. We will handle all the arrangements so all you need to do is have fun! Join us for this extremely unique touring experience and be among the few to be able to say you've seen the Chinese countryside on a bike!

Set Itineraries

We plan several rides a year. Contact us for the most up-to-date ride dates. Space is limited.Past examples: 

  • 4-day ride to Leshan/Emei/Meizhou -- This is a very light ride with about 2-4 hours of riding each day in elevations of up to 4500 feet. 

  • 3-day ride to Dujiangyan, Sanjiang Tibetan Village, Wolong -- Moderate ride at up to 6500 feet. 

  • 5/6-day tour of Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture -- Harsher ride in high elevations up to 10,000+ feet. 


Got a few places in mind you want to visit? Got a few buddies wanting to come along or willing to create a tour with other interested riders? We can do that too! Let us know where you want to go or the theme of what you'd like to experience and we will plan your adventure with you. From a short weekend ride to week-long epics or longer, get ready for the time of your life as you experience China up close and break free from the confines of the bus tours. Stop off in the Tibetan village and herd yaks on horseback or take part in festivals  -- the possibilities are endless when you are in control! 

What to Prepare:

1. International drivers license from a recognized supplier. 

2. Chinese visa.

2. We do provide plenty of gear to choose from to get you fitted. However, we do recommend bringing your own helmet and other gear.    

3. Warm and light clothes, simple toiletries, any medications you may take (check the list of restricted medications on the official China sites). 

4. Your mind, spirit, and soul to have the time of your life!

What to Consider:

1. These rides require good physical stamina and the ability to ride motorcycles on and off road - not for pansies or pathetic life forms! We stay in some pretty outback places at times and ride schedules can change in an instant depending on weather conditions, road factors, and other elements. 

2. International medical insurance in highly recommended. 

3. Space in side-bags is limited, please do not over pack. We will have the opportunity along the way to wash clothes if you are running short. Check with your airline as well for allowed space and weight of your luggage to avoid additional charges. 

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