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Education Consulting

Student Camps

Summer and winter camp placements. Activities are tailored and include language learning, art camps, sport camps, leadership camps, youth pilot training camps, and a long list of other programs. Students can even participate in talent competitions (singing, dancing, martial arts, musical instruments, and so on) in both the summer and winter (Spring Festival Gala in the winter).


Career Training

Become familiar with industry lingo to engage in import/export, device maintenance, graphic design, and other trades. We help you find the right program and provide assistance during application and program commencement and through to in-country experience (limited programs and space, must qualify; associated costs and other fees). These programs aim at empowering students to achieve their aspirations through flexible, convenient, affordable, and highly relevant educational programs mixed with hands-on, in-country experience for some modules. 

  • Helpful: We’ll help you through the process

  • Supportive: Support and guidance on your tailored education program

  • Convenient: Study when you want

  • Career-focused: Help with resume development and interviewing skills

  • Materials included

  • Experience and travel packages

  • Course content accredited through the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC), Distance Education Accrediting Commission, and other US-based organizations depending on the area of study

  • Low monthly payment option

  • College credit recommendations


Just a few of the programs we can place you in:

Student Placements

Whether it be for a one semester or longer for a full degree program, we can help you through the application and enrollment process and find the right college for you. We offer basic education plan development and placement.

Short term: Study for one or two semesters, experience the US by takings courses in your area of interest and earn credits back in China. 


Intensive English study: Attend language school in the USA in preparation for university work. Programs available on many campuses and centers across the United States.

Academic degree programs: Continue into an academic program to get your two-year Associates, four-year Bachelor's Degree, or even an advanced degree.  

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