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Forchin is here to help you source the bilingual or monolingual talent your organization needs to accelerate growth. We are continuously adding to our complement of recruitment, corporate training, HR compliance, consulting, form management, audit, retention, and other services to yield the advantages your organization needs to stay ahead.


Forchin helps you search for service providers, negotiate contracts, form a company, staff a virtual team member, ensure due diligence of your project, find the most suitable investment to compliment your portfolio, and cross over certain complex thresholds and avoid costly missteps.

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Forchin training solutions to suit your needs, from one-on-one tutoring to cultural competence training.

Find your way around in China with Forchin China Sourcing services.


With our network of professionals, we can create an entire marketing solution to help you not only understand the Asian market — we will help you participate in it as a local and succeed.

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Summer and winter camp placements, career training with certification, placement into semester-based programs.

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