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45-day warranty: Revision supplied free of charge until desired tone, word choice, and other requirements are achieved within the 45-day warranty period. Forchin also offers minimal charges in applying target language updates during the warranty period. 


Forchin's Sourcing Service helps you participate in the most relevant trade shows and fairs, allowing you to have direct contact with providers. We can also help you contact local manufacturers or service providers and provide cultural insights and linguistic support during your sourcing endeavors. The entire language service platform from initial research to interpretation during your visits to China and the ensuing correspondences or staffing that follow are all customizable components Forchin can help with.

Tailored Services: We tailor our services to meet your budget and quality expectations because not all projects are the same. Some clients only require gisting (summarization) of important content while others require For-Publication quality.


FORCHIN attends Select LA Summit, providing language services and promoting bilateral trade and foreign investment with matchmaking services. FORCHIN has helped dozens of local start-ups and individuals break into the SoCal deal flow and that of the surrounding region. We are your gateway to the local culture. Being a boutique firm ourselves, we cater to the needs of small-to-medium sized businesses wanting to interact with Chinese organizations and Chinese-speaking communities. We help you search for providers, negotiate contracts, and understand the Chinese consumer. Find out how our ecosystem can enable your success!   

FORCHIN attends China-California Business Forum, helping enterprises promote offerings at the forum and maintaining bilateral trade channels with our rich set of language and consulting services. Get the insights you need to keep your business growing in the midst of trade tensions. You are only one click away from ensuring a professional Chinese<>English communication or enablement event.  

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